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Class: Web Site Design Made Simple

A comprehensive review of Microsoft Windows Operating System, the network topography of the Internet and the basic underlying tags of Hyper Text Mark-Up Language (HTML) will be discussed, practiced, exercised and tested to provide the simplest overview of web site design techniques and application. The student will conduct hands-on exercises with step by step, easy to understand and comprehensive directions on how web pages are written, designed then posted on the Internet's World Wide Web (www). With the completion of this class, you can take control of your current online business and be the captain of your own online destiny. The class outline and lessons are specifically designed for personal use only and not designed to provide entry level skills in the job marketplace as webmasters nor as part of any curriculum towards higher learning.

Class Package Includes:

  • 15-Hours of Hands-On Classroom Training over a 3-day period
  • Day Use of Computer, Internet Access and HTML Editor - Dreamweaver and/or Notepad
  • Choice of 1-Professional Web Template (4-5 Pages Maximum)
  • Print and Online References Available
  • 30-Day Full Support
  • Maximum Seating: 5 students per class.
  • Advanced prepayment is required to secure seat. Please register early.
  • Classes are conducted on Wednesday thru Friday - Call for Schedule
    Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 1-Hour for Lunch
  • View Available Templates



  • Be Prepared, Get Organized
  • Anatomy of a Web Presentation
  • What are you doing on the Web?
  • Set Your Goals
  • Break Up Main Headings
  • Organization & Navigational Ideas
  • Storyboard Your Web Presentation


  • Page Structure
  • Page Layout
  • Why it works this Way
  • HTML - A Markup Language

What HTML Files Look Like

  • Softwares to Help You Write HTML
  • HTML Formatting
  • The Title, Headings & Paragraphs

Lists and More Lists:

  • Ordered Lists
  • Unordered Lists
  • Nesting Lists

LINK Tag and How to Use Them

  • Creating Links
  • Linking Local Pages
  • Relative and Absolute Pathnames
  • Links to Other Web Sites on the Net
  • Linking to Specific Places on your Site

URL - Uniform Resource Locator

  • Anatomy of a URL
  • Various Kinds of URLs


Formatting texts can place emphasis on certain parts of the page to bring about more attention. It could be a promotional or important relevant information that you want readers to immediately place focus on. We will cover several ways to go about this.

Text Formatting with HTML

  • Character Styles
  • Font Size and Color
  • Horizontal Rules
  • Text Alignment
  • Break Tags

Using Images, Color & Backgrounds

  • Inline & External Images
  • GIFs and JPEGs - Which one is best?

Images and Texts

  • Text and Image Alignment
  • Wrapping Text Next to Images
  • Adjusting the Space Around Images

Images and Links

  • Scaling
  • Borders

All About Colors

  • Color Names & Numbers
  • Background Color
  • Text Colors
  • Spot Color


Workign with Table tags is probably the most misunderstood section of HTML. Practically every web page on the net is formatted using Table tags. We will spend some extra time understanding this due to its importance in graphic and text placement within a web page. We will Learn it Well! Forms is also very important as a communication tool with visitors. It presents a window of opportunity to peak clients interests on your content.

  • Creating Basic Tables
  • Rows & Cells
  • Empty Cells
  • Captions
  • Table and Cell Alignment
  • Cells that Span Multiple Rows
  • Cells that Span Multiple Columns
  • Defining Tables and Column Widths
  • Text Breaks

Other Table Features

  • Border
  • Cell Spacing
  • Cell Padding
  • Color in Tables
  • Nested Tables

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