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Fire your webmaster today! But not so fast. Learning HTML (hyper text markup language) for the first time around takes time before you can feel comfortable with your newfound talent. We are confident that by the end of our 3-day class you will have a complete understanding of the entire web design process and architecture. Thus, giving you the power to edit your web page content, create new web pages and link them throughout the site and more! HTML is the basic foundation of ALL web pages, therefore it is only correct that we learn this language. Even if you have very little computer experience you will learn the entire design process from top to bottom. Learn the techniques and shortcuts to getting it done the right way and fast! We made it simple and easy to use. It’s FUN! Reserve your seat today.

These web design introductory classes are designed for individuals with or without basic computer knowledge and online experience. We'll cover the basics features of Microsoft Operating Systems; test web pages against various versions of Internet Web Browsers (IE 7.0 and 8.0, Firefox and Safari); the use of basic HTML tags (Hyper-Text Markup Language) to create simple text web pages with hyperlinks, tables, images and media; and conclude the class by identifying resources available online to help further your knowledge of web design.

Student must be 18 years and above to attend class. Students under 18 must have parent's written permission from parent or guardian to attend class. Proof of ID required.

Class: Web Design Made Simple

This class is so easy and so simple you will kick yourself in the rear for not doing it earlier. Only, if you had known! Our primary objective is to delve right onto the basic underlying codes of web pages which is HTML (hypertext mark-up language) and some overview of CSS (cascading style sheets). By the end of the third day, you should have your 5-page web site ready to go live online. That is exactly what we will do. You will literally and physically work on your 5-page web site during class - editing and modifying its HTML codes to your specification. Naturally, we will need to use one of our professionally designed web site template to get you off to a good start. Select from over 1,500 Professional Web Templates complete with color schemes, themes for every industry complete with rich full graphics, sound and even animation. Each template can be easily modified to fit all your web design needs.

Class: Search Engine Optimization

Now that your 5-page web site is up and running, the most pressing question would be how to drive traffic to your new web site. With our class on Search Engine Optimization, you will learn how to properly register your web site to the most popular search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing). But before we start the registration process, we will need to make sure our newly launched web site is ready for submission.

Class: E-Commerce

Your web site is now actually getting visitors and inquiries are starting to come in on a regular basis. How do we convert these visitors into paying clients? Of course, the answer is to add e-commerce functionality. We will learn how to incorporate shopping cart codes to our web pages along with an online payment gateway to process credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal, as our primary example.

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