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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the delicate process of qualifying the design codes of web site pages against Internet and search engine standards. Search Engine Optimization is the process of embedding appropriate keywords to multiple specific locations within the HTML codes of each static HTML pages that are available for public viewing on your web site. However, prior to the embedding of keywords, an SEO specialist must first qualify the keywords. In order to do so, the Search Engine Optimization specialist must have a thorough knowledge of the site's content and business structure with emphasis on its services and primary business message. Search Engine Optimization is also the process of validating the HTML codes of web pages against known authorities i.e. ICANN and W3C as well as conforming the pages against Google Webmaster Guidelines for safe measure. The Search Engine Optimization is then concluded by submitting the validated pages to search engines and directories alike for verification and site map submission.

The most critical part of search engine optimization process is validating web pages with World Wide Web Consortium ( Each web page has its own subject and related content so it only makes sense that each optimized web page must be referenced uniquely from each other to differentiate them from one another. Title tags and Meta Keywords must be as specific as possible and accurate in its page reference. Spiders, web bots, google bots, whatever they call it now these days, will carefully look and compare these specific page content, embedded keywords and its locations in the page, among many factors, and rank them accordingly based on its current search algorithm settings.

Typically, Search Engine Optimization is best performed once the entire site has been completed - meaning all static pages have been created, validated and posted online - and all functions and features are working properly. Yes, you can partially start the search engine optimization process as you design and develop each static page, however, from our experience, the search engine optimization as you go approach has the tendency to generate more work later on and is subject to erroneous page references. It is highly recommended that search engine optimization is best initiated once the site is complete in its entirety and live online. In this way, each page can be optimized and referenced more accurately thus creating a more definitive search engine result for each visitors.

The First Step to Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We Start With A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy It doesn't matter if your business is a household name or a startup with a market base -- the search engine optimization or internet marketing process begins the same way every time.

  • We'll thoroughly review and analyze your online business web site structure inside and out.
  • We'll take a look at your goals, target market and audience
  • Review your company's competition, current position in the search engine
  • Find and determine the most appropriate keywords for your company
  • Once we gather all the vital information we need, our search engine optimization specialists and Internet Marketing team will customize a marketing strategy that is customized to your business needs - which is to have relevant position on search engine results - utilizing the most appropriate keywords.

Enhance brand awareness and increase your website's presence and traffic with Prime Visibility.

As an established Internet marketing firm, we have a 100% success rate in increasing our clients online business through approved Internet Marketing methods and techniques. Our experienced Internet Marketing specialists and search engine marketing experts are professionals in their work ethics and are passionate about delivering the right service done the right way - which is the only way.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will be able to get started in the search engine optimization process immediately - which will take us about 1-2 weeks all together to complete the task. The first step is to validate the entire web site page by page. Once all the pages have been validated by, we will need another week to let the pages propagate throughout the Internet.'s web site optimization process is basically broken up into two parts - utilizing Keyword Management Services (where we buy the keywords and ranking) and the second part being the SEO (Search Engine Optimization - where we embed the keywords to specific locations within the HTML codes). Here's a quick rundown of each process for your review and reference:


THIS IS INCLUDED BUT AN OPTIONAL SERVICE FEATURE - This is optional because you're buying your traffic. Although we use this process to initiate the search engine optimization service, you will have the option of bypassing and activating the accounts. In essence, we only utilize this service feature in order to run the keyword analysis tool as provided by Yahoo and Google, so we can select the most popular and appropriate keywords for your web site - while also utilizing and testing the "must-have" keywords that you submitted for our review. Here's what included in our Keyword Management process:

  • Set up Google Adwords
  • Set up Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Set up MSN Ad Central
  • Run the Keyword Analysis Tool
  • Select 10-20 keywords most applicable to site (feel free to send in your "must-have" keywords as well so I can run it on the Keyword Analysis Tool)
  • Assign the 20-40 keywords and break it up into groups (maximum 2 groups) - the system allows you to have unlimited groups - but for our service we start with 2.
  • Assign a Title, Description and URL to each grouped keywords
  • Create Ads (maximum 3 Ads) for each Ad Group
  • Submit selected keywords and ads to Google, Yahoo and MSN for approval.
  • Provide 2-hour training on each control panel - in person or in some cases - via telephone conference.

NOTE: In order to create the above account Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter, we will need a signed and approved credit card authorization form (Visa, MC or Amex) to be used to create and activate each account. Upon creation of your pay-per-click account with each respective search engine, Google will charge your card $5.00; Yahoo will require a deposit of $50.00 and Bing or Microsoft (MSN) AdCentral will also debit $50.00 - totaling $105.00 charged to your credit card based on our minimum recommended amount. As each visitor clicks on your link - each search engine will deduct the cost from your $50 deposit. When the deposited amount is depleted - they will email you and instruct you to add more money. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MONEY DEPOSITED TO EACH SEARCH ENGINE ACCOUNT IS IN ADDITION TO YOUR ABOVE COST OF $1895.

After the above Keyword Management is completed - the next step is the process of embedding the keywords onto each of your web pages:

First and foremost - and probably the most important aspect of the optimization process is that we run the HTML and CSS Validator against all of your web pages (NOTE: there is no guarantee that your web site will pass the test with flying colors - some pages might not pass at all. In those cases, all we can do is minimize the errors. However, by running the validator, we will be able to discover all non-standard codes, if any and provide w3c approved alternatives. Should the site require more extensive recoding in order to conform to, you will be advised of additional hours and cost, if any. Here's the rest of the process for your review.

Embed "account approved" keywords onto static web pages using approved selected keywords as generated by Keyword Analysis Tool Create special landing pages (2 maximum, if applicable) to correspond with above Keyword Management Ad Groups - typically, the landing pages used are the Home page and Product or Service page. Run optimized pages against Microsoft Readiness Check - this verifies the pages to be MSN approved standard. Run optimized pages against Google Webmaster Tools - This verifies the pages to be in compliance with Google standard. Run the Google Site Map generator. Submit to WSC approved search engines and directories - electronically and manually. Submit to other directories, search engines, and other internet networks via Traffic Blazer and other search engine submission services.

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