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There are only three ways to land at the top of search engine results and directories i.e. Google and Yahoo, respectively. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If some telemarketer is telling you otherwise, hang-up the phone as fast as you can and block their number from your phone list. Warning: Most will take your money and do nothing. Worst case scenario in hiring the wrong online marketing company is for your web site (domain name) to be banned from the search engines - and they share this list of banned web sites amongst each other. Even if the worst case scenario is the case, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. You simply have to start over again under a new domain name. But we do not want to be in that predicament, correct? I cannot emphasize this WARNING enough!! The importance of what you are about to learn on Internet Marketing will save you a ton of money in the long run. Internet Marketing is also commonly referred to as online marketing or search engine optimization. What I'm about to tell you are not hidden secrets! Its just scattered all over the place and its kind of hard to know who to trust and whose telling the truth. Below is a summary of the three ways to list your site on search engines:

Search Engine Optimization: Build Your Web Site The Right Way from the Very Beginning and You Will Never Have to Pay for Traffic, Ever!!

Building a web site is like building a house - you have to conform to building codes and guidelines in order to build it the right way. If you do not conform, the bank will not lend you any money, you won't be able to obtain insurance, and the post office will not deliver your mail because the City, County, State and the Country does not recognize your house as part of the community. Web sites are much the same way. The web site design process very much rely on using ONLY approved codes i.e. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), XML (Extensible Markup Language) and Javascript, just to name a few. The codes are provided, governed and approved by W3C of ICANN. Once the web site design is finished, then it would need to be optimized accordingly and each page validated one by one. Search Engine Optimization is the process of embedding the keywords at the appropriate locations within the HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language) codes. Note that search engine optimization is limited only .html pages. Once a web site is optimized, it is submitted electronically or manually to each respective search engines, directories, and wherever appropriate or as requested. Caution: If you're web site pages dot extensions are .php, .asp or .cfm, then you're site is not and will never be in conformance. Don't worry, there is a solution... More Information

Keyword Management: Buy Your Way To The Top of Search Engine Ranking

Pay-Per-Click accounts i.e. Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, provides an excellent opportunity to reach your target market at a fair price - it's fast and very effective. Your web site can be number one (1) on the first page of search engine results, within hours from the time we complete our service. Once you got enough business, you can turn it OFF or PAUSE your account. How is that for control? Your pay-per-click cost and number of traffic will vary with each search engine and depending on your industry or target market, the cost can be to a minimum or quite substantial. But like anything and everything, it is a matter of money management, account management, and self-control. Our Keyword Management Service is all about pay-per-click accounts and how to utilize them to its full potential and reap its unlimited benefits.

Local Maps: Google and Yahoo Local Listings and Maps

Your business information, location, hours of operation, description, business photos, and a whole lot more can be found on the Internet even if you don't have a web site. As long as your business is operated out of a commercial building or office, then you can take advantage of being included within Google and Yahoo maps. These local mapping services that are provided for by Google and Yahoo are free to both the business owner and users. By the way, this service is included as part of our Search Engine Optimization service.


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Why should I select your company to design my web site? has the experience, expertise and the extraordinary service that is abundantly provided by motivated staff dedicated to your personal success with your online business. Here are highlights for your consideration:

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Business Center: Start an Online Business

Scenario: Your self-employed and in need of cash infusion; you have a great idea, now turn it into a business reality. At Business Center, we've done some research for you starting with information on business plans; funding for existing business or brand new start-up; review our list of links about the new Federal Stimulus Plan targeted for small businesses.