Heading Career Opportunities

Independent Web DevelopersWork With A Team

Never work alone - you'll get a lot more done if you work with a company and a team that you can trust to treat your customers with respect and the service they deserve. How about never having to make a sale? We bring the clients to you. We highly encourage certified web developers, graphic designers, php/asp developers, Adobe Certified Flash Developers and network administrators to contact and join WebSiteCenter.com team of experts so that we can pull our resources together. Together we stand. Divided we fall. Work your own hours. Get the help of our support staff to get more organized, help finish a project on time and under budget. You cannot do it alone. Get the administrative and billing support so customers will have more confidence in you and the team behind you. Don't do it all by yourself! Join WebSiteCenter.com and be part of team that will support you like family.

Sales PositionCommission Only!

Management Training Provided. Our Sales Position is really not selling, it is more like advising. As a Sales Director, you are simply informing the client of their options and what is best practice, in accordance with Internet Guidelines and WebsiteCenter.com requirements. So there is no need for hard sales tactics, sales pressure or prewritten scripts that you repeat over and over. The exciting part is that you will be part of team that will launch a business or a product online with high anticipation. If it hits, you will be a part of its success. Opportunities will come knocking soon thereafter. Now, multiply this over tens of times over a span of one year - the opportunities will be boundless.

Sell products and services that is in demand by the market, right now, today! Website Design, Internet Marketing, Web Hosting, eCommerce and online solutions are what businesses are looking for. Let's face it, we can all use more income revenues and the Internet has a lot to offer. But to make any sale, the product and services has to be good, if not, great! WebsiteCenter.com's products and services is better than great! It is the best in the industry with the highest standard in ethics and professionalism. We will make you look good to your customer.

Support Staff From Clerical to Supervisor

Web Developers needs assistance with projects from e-mail correspondence, follow-up phone calls, filing, gathering facts and contents, and with day-to-day communication with current clients and customers. If you are organized and motivated to help people with their business endeavors, this job is ideal for you. Work with talented web developers and clients who are movers and shakers of their business industry. The hours are flexible and the work is always fun and challenging. It is never the same day twice. Please note that Criminal Background Checks are conducted on all applicants.

  • Type 50 wpm
  • Good Written and Oral Communication Skills
  • Professional Mannerism and Attitude Required