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We always strive in providing the best quality service and flexible options. We have divided our web hosting service into two options: Full Service and Self-Service.


This service is ideal if you're new to web hosting or too busy to deal with the details. staff will set up your web hosting account; create all of the email accounts for all staff members; assist in setting up your office computer to receive emails as well as forward certain emails to all necessary parties; activate spam assassins settings; provide you and/or staff orientation on the web hosting control panel; activate traffic tracking statistics, and even upload your current or newly developed web site.

Our basic web hosting packages are fantastic value for the money. We believe in offering great value from the very start that leaves you plenty of room for growth. We don't skimp on a lot of services so we can offer you cheap hosting - instead we pack it with all of the standard and extra services ready-to-go without YOU having to contact support to have a web hosting feature turned on - because we've already turned it on for you. Everything is ready to go.


If you are experienced in managing a web hosting account control panel, we would recommend our Self-Service plan. With this, you'll be able to set up your hosting account and access it immediately upon signup. has partnered with major data centers that have state-of-the-art security and backup facilities you would expect from a well-established web hosting provider. Combine their 24/7 fanatical support staff with's dedicated and diligent support staff, you've got yourself a support team that won't stop until your issues has been resolved. Rest assure that your web site will be hosted on top-notch select hardware and software that the industry has to offer with 99.999% uptime. More importantly, your site will be totally under your control via easy-to-use web hosting control panel.

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Why should I select your company to design my web site? has the experience, expertise and the extraordinary service that is abundantly provided by motivated staff dedicated to your personal success with your online business. Here are highlights for your consideration:

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Scenario: Your self-employed and in need of cash infusion; you have a great idea, now turn it into a business reality. At Business Center, we've done some research for you starting with information on business plans; funding for existing business or brand new start-up; review our list of links about the new Federal Stimulus Plan targeted for small businesses.