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Welcome to Web Site Center's Most Frequently Asked Questions About Web Site Design Services

We have compiled most of the commonly asked questions on just about everything you can think of pertaining to or related to web site design, web hosting, search engine optimization, web site management, html training, merchant accounts and shopping carts, graphic design, audio and video formats, and third party softwares to help you run and manage your online business on the World Wide Web. There are many areas to cover so we divided them accordingly into specific departments (categories) for easy navigation and organization. We've included age-old questions as well as new questions that arises due to new technologies that are popping up on the web. We will address these questions and add more as we receive the ones that will stand the test of time as we see fit. We have opted to post these select questions on simple basic search engine friendly pages since most discussion forums are subject to hacking and abuse which leads many to confusion thus generating more and more unnecessary support questions. If you don't find the question and answer that you're looking for, please feel free to contact us at your convenience via email at [email protected] We hope you find our Frequently Asked Questions section helpful to your endeavors.

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Scenario: Your self-employed and in need of cash infusion; you have a great idea, now turn it into a business reality. At Business Center, we've done some research for you starting with information on business plans; funding for existing business or brand new start-up; review our list of links about the new Federal Stimulus Plan targeted for small businesses.