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Welcome to Merchant Account Services!

We understand the needs and risks associated with providing payment processing services to smaller merchants. With our extensive experience and resources, we offer:

  • The ability to evaluate, undertake and manage risk
  • The highest quality and reliability of service
  • Speed in approving merchant applications
  • Competitive pricing

Risk Management:

Risk Management is one of our biggest assets and helps us minimize merchant losses for the mutual benefit of our merchant customers and ourselves. We have a staff of approximately 34 employees dedicated to risk management operations, which encompasses underwriting new accounts, monitoring and investigating merchant account activity for suspicious transactions or trends and avoiding or recovering losses.

We employ the following systems and procedures to minimize our exposure to merchant fraud and card-not-present transaction fraud:

  • Underwriting
  • Proprietary Management Information Systems
  • Merchant Monitoring
  • Risk Review Department
  • Investigation and Loss Prevention
  • Reserves
  • Technology


Our sales agents send new applications to our underwriting department for their review and screening. All our underwriters have previous industry underwriting experience and have the authority to render judgment on new applications or to take additional actions such as adjusting processing limits.

Proprietary Management Information Systems.

Our proprietary systems automatically generate credit reports on new applicants, categorize risk based on all of the information provided and place the applications in a queue to be processed by our underwriting staff.

Merchant Monitoring.

We provide several levels of merchant account monitoring to help us identify suspicious transactions and trends. Daily merchant activity is downloaded to our Bankcard Application Manager system from our third-party processors such as FDMS and is sorted into a number of customized reports by our proprietary systems.

Risk Review Department.

We have established an in-house risk review department that monitors the sales activities of all of the merchants that we service. The risk review department conducts background checks on these merchants, interviews merchants, anonymously purchases products and services, reviews sales records and follows developments in risk management procedures and technology.

Investigation and Loss Prevention.

If a merchant exceeds any approved parameter as established by our underwriting and/or risk management staff or violates regulations established by the applicable card association or the terms of our agreement with the merchant, an investigator will identify the incident and take appropriate action to reduce our exposure to loss, as well as the exposure of our merchants.


We require some of our merchants to post reserves (cash deposits) that we use to offset against chargebacks we incur. Our sponsoring banks hold reserves related to our merchant accounts as long as we are exposed to loss resulting from a merchant's processing activity.


We solicit, compile and maintain a large database of information relating to our merchants and their transactions. We place significant emphasis on providing a high level of security in order to protect the information of our merchants and their customers. Our internal network provides multiple layers of security to isolate our databases from unauthorized access.

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