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Web Site Design and Development

Our PRIMARY OBJECTIVE with each client is to save them time and money by DESIGNING A WEB SITE THE RIGHT WAY the first time around thus helping avoid common COSTLY mistakes. Keep this PRIMARY OBJECTIVE in mind as you read our web design services below and our content throughout the site.

Usability, branding, functionality, credibility, attention to detail are all part of our quality control procedures that is applied to all web site design projects, small or large. With each web design development, we strive hard to make it stand out above the best especially among its competitors. A web site that clearly exhibits your expertise, reliability and trust that will resonate with each visitor that visits your web site.

When selecting a web site developer to do business with - select a company that has exhibited longevity and prosperity in the business. One that has an outstanding reputation not just online but within its local community by checking with local organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, government offices and alike. To learn more about and its web developers, visit our Company Information page.

Custom Web Site Development

When the subject of discussion is custom web site development, the keyword proprietary comes to mind. This is probably the most popular and primary key reasons to warrant custom designed web sites. However, for whatever reason you may have for wanting custom web development, our procedure and initial step in any custom web site development is to conduct a discovery interview. This is where we will ask you select questions that will help determine if custom web site development is the best solution for your project - remember our PRIMARY OBJECTIVE - save you time and money. Once we have determined that custom design is warranted, then a detailed cost estimate and time line will follow then onto profiling of end-users, administrators and support staff who will be using the custom designed web site and its online system on a regular basis. Training is provided to owners and support staff on all related online control panels and its basic functionality. This pertains to Content Management Systems (CMS), web site Revenue Streams, Marketing, Accounting and Tracking, and other integral modules directly or indirectly connected to a customized web site.

In most situation, prior to having any custom web site development of any kind, the business owners online system (ecommerce website), office network and accounting system are not connected meaning that they all run on different platforms that produces printable outputs which are then funneled to a main database for compilation. In other words, the day to day operation of the business could be running on paper trails and sneaker power instead of data entered onto computers to be tracked, reused and distributed to all necessary parties digitally and automatically in real time. Custom designed web based applications and functionalities are ideal for businesses who want to automate their already established business routine and procedures which can now be converted and delivered in digital format via the World Wide Web. Custom Designed Web Sites is not for everybody! This type of web site is usually big in terms of project size, time and budget which can easily start at $100K. Caveat emptor!

Web Site Design Using Templates

Template Based design layout offers the quickest and least expensive way to have an informational or ecommerce web site. We have created affordable web design packages that will suit even the minimalist who wants the simplest of web sites to full-blown E-Commerce web sites with thousands of products. We have six libraries of professionally and ready-made templates for your review and reference.

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Why should I select your company to design my web site? has the experience, expertise and the extraordinary service that is abundantly provided by motivated staff dedicated to your personal success with your online business. Here are highlights for your consideration:

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Scenario: Your self-employed and in need of cash infusion; you have a great idea, now turn it into a business reality. At Business Center, we've done some research for you starting with information on business plans; funding for existing business or brand new start-up; review our list of links about the new Federal Stimulus Plan targeted for small businesses.