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Site Architecture

There are two web site structural aspects to any design: Logical and Physical Structure. A logical structure will describe documents that are related to other documents and provides a link between them. The logical location of documents within a site may be entirely different from the actual physical location of the document. A physical structure describes where a document actually lives, commonly indicated on the url of a web site which is the directory path on a web server or its location in a database.

Logical and Physical Structure

A site logical structure is more important to a user than its physical structure. Users generally do not care the physical location of a file or document as long as they know how to get to it. A logical structure is implemented through the site's navigational menu which is derived from its site map hiearchy. The site's logical structure does not have to map to directly match the physical structure, in fact, it could be entirely different for that matter. The logical structure of a web site must be fluid and flow in the direction the designer intended to take the user. There are four main logical organizational forms used ni Web Sites: linear, grid, hiearchy and web. But they can also be a mix of any combination of the four organizational forms.


Linear in PDF
Linear with Alternatives in PDF


Grid in PDF

Narrow Trees

Narrow Trees in PDF

Wide Trees

Wide Trees in PDF

Mixed Forms

Mixed Forms in PDF


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